FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our
Lakes of Wood and provide the answers here.

1.  Is my favorite lake available as a Lake of Wood? 
If there is a lake depth map available for your lake, then it can be made into a Lake of Wood. There are over 5500 depth maps available for Wisconsin lakes, and over 7500 available for Minnesota lakes! In other states the number varies from dozens to hundreds, and you don't have to know if a map exists or not. Feel free to ask us! We will find out for you at no charge. That is why they call me the "Lake Guy".  Mitch

2.  How much will my Lake of Wood cost?
The price of a Lake of Wood is determined by the structure of the lake itself. The number of islands, underwater humps and the length of the shoreline all increase the price, for they increase the labor and materials.  The simplest 6 layer Lake of Wood sells for $200 this year (2018) and the price goes up as the lake gets more complicated and detailed. This price includes your Lake of Wood, the Lake Name Plaque, as well as a personalized icon, and sales tax. Shipping is an additional $20.00 to $30.00 UPS Ground Insured, depending on where we are shipping. The Midwest is $20.00

3.  How big will my Lake of Wood be?
Each Lake of Wood is cut from six (or more) 1/8" thick sheets of  veneer that measure 18" x 32" when we begin. So each lake would fit inside a 18" x 32" rectangle, and will be a little over 3/4" thick (or more if made with more than 6 layers). Rounder lakes will be appoximately 18" by 22", with the perfectly round lake only able to reach 18" by 18" in order to maintain map accuracy, and true proportions. These dimensions do not include the Lake Name Plaque, which hangs separately.

4.  Can my Lake of Wood be shipped to me?
Year 'round we ship Lakes Of Wood all over the US via UPS Ground Insured. Shipping cost is $20.00 to $30.00 per lake, depending on where it needs to be shipped. On multiple orders, up to three wooden lakes can be shipped together in one box for one $20.00 to $30.00 shipping fee. Lakes have arrived in Arizona, California and Florida  three to five business days after leaving us here in northern Wisconsin. The Twin Cities in Minnesota see our Lakes the day after they leave us, and Illinois  residents see their Lake Maps in two days.

5.  Once I order, how long before my Lake is ready?
After ascertaining that a lake depth map is available for your lake, we ask that you send a check or pay with your charge card commissioning Lakes of Wood to create your lake. Your personal Lake of Wood will be ready in a timely manner, depending upon which season your Lake of Wood is ordered in. Summer and Fall have the longest waiting period due to the large number of Christmas orders we fill each year. Currently, a "Lake of Wood" ordered in the winter months, (January - March) will be ready in 60 days. April - July orders are ready in 75 to 90 days. After August 1st, orders are finished on a first come first serve basis. The earlier you order for Christmas, the more we appreciate it, and the more time we have to put into your specific "Lake of Wood".