The Depth Map

It is our interpretation of the natural creation we know as lakes which forms the patterns for our unique art form. Each Lake of Wood we produce is based on the most detailed lake depth maps we can find. It was the shape of the lakes themselves that first made me think of them as a work of art in their own right, but upon looking below the surface, (I only now realize), I had no idea the masterpieces that lay hidden beneath the water of each lake.

Each Lake of Wood is as accurate a rendering of the bottom structure and lakeshore as I am able to re-create in this medium of six or more 1/8" layers of red oak, birch, or natural veneers. The islands, the rock bars, the sand bars, holes and drop-offs, are all reflected in the wooden model of each lake. Later, each lake is fitted with a hanger on the back that allows the lake to hang on the wall with the top of the lake to the north, just as a map would display the lake. 

So this is where each Lake of Wood starts.
The Depth Map.